Quality Policy

Quicksilva's Quality Management System is certified to ISO Quality Management Standard ISO9001:2015.

Quality Policy


  • To form successful partnerships and generate new business by providing quality products and services.
  • To retain existing customers by understanding their business desires and ensuring that when surveyed for feedback they choose to respond positively.
  • To provide valuable managed services and flexible support to meet our agreed service levels guided by industry best practice.
  • To monitor and continually improve our working practices, processes and procedures by active listening and a customer-centric focus.
  • To retain the staff that fit our Person Profile to ensure that the culture and integrity of the Company is upheld and ensuring that a consistent high quality approach is provided to our customers.


The Directors and Managers of Quicksilva are committed to the implementation of the Quicksilva Management System (QMS) for our activities in:

  • Business and IT consultancy;
  • Software Design;
  • Development;
  • Provision;
  • Maintenance; and
  • Support.


In order to achieve this, we have established the QMS to document our process of continuous improvement, including our working practices and our personal development.

Our QMS will assist us in meeting:

  • customer requirements;
  • statutory requirements; and
  • regulatory requirements.

Management Responsibility

We will commit resources to maintaining our competitive edge by:

  • achieving our commitments to quality, cost, and schedule
  • driving continual improvement and innovation based upon efficient business processes, best practice, well-defined measurements, and feedback
  • achieving and maintaining quality standards
  • undertaking professional project management
  • recruiting appropriately skilled people
  • delivering quality solutions
  • training our people thoroughly
  • maintaining our Company culture
  • managing customer expectations to develop sustainable relationships

Policy Review

The QMS will develop as a result of experience, suggestions and actions arising from audits or in response to performance measurement. All changes will be controlled according to the relevant procedures.

Feedback regarding the performance of the QMS will be actively sought from:

·         Projects: at the conclusion of each project a debriefing session will be arranged to discuss what helped or hindered performance during the project

·         Audits: the continued value of the QMS will be assessed by formal activity audits at regular intervals, as determined by the Management Team

Regular management reviews of the QMS will be held to consider its added value and the result of any audits that have been carried out

The QMS will be regularly reviewed to ensure it continues to represent Quicksilva's Quality Policy and practices. In addition, interim releases of revised forms or individual procedures may be released at the discretion of the Corporate Assurance Manager.

A hard copy of the current Quality Policy will be signed by the Managing Director and displayed in a prominent position in the office

This QMS is approved by: Corporate Assurance Manager

This QMS is authorised by: Gayna Hart (Managing Director)

Version: 6.0