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Growing Pains?...No, Growing Gains!

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Gayna Hart Quicksilva’s Managing Director is quite pleased to have her current headache; that of needing to increase the size of her team.
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New partnership allows the automation of patient notices, streamlining the sharing of patient records
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orQestra® boosts patient data accuracy and lets staff compare records between its hospitals and GPs
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orQestra® ITK Spine Mini Service validates NHS records with patient for North East Ambulance service
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Quicksilva, an independent supplier of healthcare IT systems is providing real-time access to the NHS Personal Demographic Service (PDS) for the North East Ambulance Service Foundation Trust (NEAS). NEAS’s 111 Service evaluation project has been able provide the entire North East region with access to patient records in real-time to allow instant verification of NHS numbers whilst the caller is still on the line, helping staff to provide a quicker, more efficient service.
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Quicksilva was this week awarded the Intellect Business Professional Certificate – a recognised marker of quality and professionalism.
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University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust (UHNS) today announced that it has gone live with the first Interoperability ToolKit (ITK) Spine Mini-Service in the UK. The solution was developed by Quicksilva and is enabling the Trust to access and verify patient demographic information faster and more accurately than ever before.
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A boys night out at the EHI Awards 2011

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The annual E-Health Insider Awards is always a great occasion, celebrating the very best in Healthcare IT and this year’s was no different…again, it was a glitzy black-tie event…again we were sponsors…again there were deserving winners…and again there was plenty of champagne on offer…but this year, for Quicksilva, there was a difference…Gayna was on holiday, and it was therefore just the boys that were out on the town!
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As we get into yet another round of "kill off NHS projects", it’s worth looking at where we are in fulfilling the needs of front line health care while the government haggle in the background.
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Trust me...I’m a Spine Mini Service

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You might have heard of me...I’m an NHS Spine Mini Service and I’m new on the scene...maybe even the next big thing...?
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